Easy and secure.

No compromises.

A world-class Lightning UX doesn't have to compromise on core Bitcoin values of security and self-custody.

Free managed hosting

Hosting your own Lightning node can be time consuming. Forget about channel configuration, liquidity balancing, and server maintenance; we'll handle it for you so you can focus on what matters. A fixed 0.5% fee charged on each payment means there's no subscription required - we'll keep your node online for free.

One-step setup

Lexe makes it super easy to accept Lightning payments. Place your BOLT 12 offer or unified Bitcoin QR code on your social media profile or website, and you've already set up a Lightning tip box. Spend your funds on-chain or back over the Lightning Network at any time.

Receive payments 24/7

Never miss a Lightning payment. Unlike other self-custodial wallets, you can receive and settle payments over the Lightning Network even when your phone is offline. Your Lightning node is always ready for you.


"Not your keys, not your coins". Your private keys are managed only on your phone and inside a secure SGX hardware enclave that Lexe cannot access. Using a backup stored in your personal cloud, you can recover your funds at any time, even if Lexe were to suddenly disappear.


SGX is only one piece of the puzzle. From end-to-end encryption to constant-time cryptography to hardware-based randomness to strict per-user firewalls, your funds are protected behind many layers of defense. More information here.

Open-source and reproducible

Don't trust, verify. The code that runs your Lightning node is fully open-source, reproducible, and remotely attested to via SGX when your mobile app connects. Read the code here.

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